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  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad He would have been
  • Hes feeling photogenic today pilot puppy shnozz blacklab gundog blackdogs
  • My little puppa is growing into a big boy He
  • Its been a great year Formula1  Landrover car shoots
  • Hmmmm no chance boys You may look but you most
  • My beautiful pup got to see his one sibling he
  • Todays office Great day for shooting on a shoot sportsphotography
  • Its wonderful what you get to see when you are
  • On this mornings walk love this beautiful frosty weather englishcountryside
  • Happy Christmas all! winterlight ontodayswalk family holiday seascape eveninglight sussex
  • On todays walk just before the light went caught in
  • Double whammy my picture on the cover showing off our